Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mexico Blanks Brazil 2-0

What an entertaining game. I streamed the game live from, like I posted, but I scored a projector from work and projected the game on my wall. It was fantastic. Francisco Guillermo Ochoa ftw. Skills, thrills, mariachi bands. Absolutely incredible.

I don't have any analysis other than Brazil played beautifully despite their atypically poor form and losingness (any other term for being in the state of losing?), and Nery Castillo was hot in the first half and just plain wasteful in the second.

By the way, Ochoa, Guardado, and Castillo are going to be snatched up by someone pretty soon. Castillo's already at Olympiakos, so maybe he's not going anywhere for awhile, but these guys are hot property right now.

I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow for the US match and hopefully I'll have some analysis.


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