Thursday, June 28, 2007

DCU Leaves It Late, 4-1 vs. COL

Highlights here.

I disqualified myself from being able to give any real analysis tonight. I walked away after Addlery scored and when I came back, NBA draft, so I wandered over to the computer and watched the US-ARG match. Anyways, I'll give you what little I got:

The only thing slick about this game was the grass. Absolutely no synchronicity.

The game wasn't ugly, just uncoordinated. There wasn't any chemistry from the back four between themselves or the wings. Fred, Addlery, and Moose only got what they could make for themselves, which explains why they enjoyed some of the more encouraging moments of DCU's game, but the rest of the field looked utterly lackluster.

No connections between passes and no smart runs off the ball. Slow thinking combined with a wet field made for a damp dynamic overall. Nothing too good.

Addlery worked hard in his unexpected opportunity, using muscle and staying on top of the ball. He had a nice touch at some point in the second half and made it a two-v-two situation near Colorado's 18, at which point he promptly shanked one over the backboards. I drew a blank.

Yet fifteen minutes later he hustled a goal from Fred's corner kick for the best connection of the match. Congrats to Addlery for his first professional goal in the MLS. He earned it out there. Even so: get healthy soon, Kpene.

Good to see Fred finally putting his name in lights and Emilio adding another scalp to his collection.

Other notes:

- Perkins looked solid. The defense didn't.

- Way to go the extra mile, Simms.

- Erpen: if you were waiting for a time to seize the limelight, it's come. Boswell is gone. The big shadow is lifted. You want some time to shine? This is it. Now's the time. Don't blow it.

- Why doesn't Emilio have any kind of influence on the pitch? No commanding presence, no intimidation. He kind of sneaks into the fold until he's in the box with a ball at his feet. He must be a god at hide and seek.

- Moose looked more than decent, if a bit lonesome working by himself. His performance tonight really makes me wonder what the hell Mediate is here for (to give deRoux some friendly competition?), but I'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

-Peterson from Colorado enjoyed himself tonight.

- Why was 3/4 of the commentary tonight devoted to assimilating Tommy Smyth into American sport culture? That's cute, you guys, really cute, but there's some soccer going on and I'd love to hear what you have to say about it. (Now that I'm actually thinking about this, it always seems like Smyth has something intelligent to say and then Wynalda says something to take the commentary in a completely different direction. They're not butting heads or disagreeing at every opportunity; they're just not thinking in the same way. Or just not thinking, period.)

-While we're talking about commentary, ESPN had no idea what to do with themselves during the rain delay. They recapped the NBA draft and NFL news twice during the match (really f*ckin annoying) and when it became apparent that the match would be postponed, they decided that more recap would be satisfactory. I don't know that they had any other option, but really. Come on now.

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