Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Let Me Preach, TFC Fans

Hear me out, all none of you Toronto fans reading this blog.

With MoJo feeling pretty good about himself what with Dunivant heading across the border and new signing Samuel sure to bring some heat, TFC is having one of the best rookie seasons an MLS team has ever had. Very respectable.

And yet, while I'm not fan enough to comment about TFC's midfield, I think TFC could do better. Here's how:

Sign that Gerba kid.

Wikipedia says he's contracted to OFK Gotenborg in Sweden, but that he's being loaned every which way across the Nordic belt. No doubt he's benefitting from European football, but I think if TFC wants to become a class side among the NYRB/LA Galaxy/ DC United ranks, there needs to be a guy name Gerba in the TFC squad. His fervor and attacking clout, coupled with Dichio and Samuel's Euro-tested striking skills, could prove to be a revelation for TFC, Canada, and the MLS.

But wait! There's more!

If signing Gerba wouldn't take a DP slot, this probably would. The next thing you need to do, TFC, after you sign Gerba, is to bring DeRo home.

That's right. Sign DeRosario.

It makes immigration and therefore roster sense to do both of these things: neither player would hog a senior international slot, things which clubs are very hard pressed to come by these days. Between Gerba and DeRo, TFC would have a terrific midfield. This goes without saying.

Clear some cap room by selling Ronnie O'Brien and whoever else you feel like, and then make this happen, I beseech you. Canadians everywhere will be thanking you for years.


Fullback said...

Don't you think TFC were desperate to get DeRosario to begin with? They're going to need to offer a really sweet deal to get Houston to let him go.

Also, isn't Gerba a forward, not a midfielder? I don't know how much he's improved lately (I only saw him in one game in the Gold Cup and wasn't terribly impressed), but he washed out of MLS early on despite being prolific in the USL/A-League. He is a Canadian national team player though and the more of those they can snatch up, the less dead weight they have to carry to fill up the roster with domestic scrubs.

As far as their current midfield goes, I'm not overwhelmed by their quality, but O'Brien is a good player in this league, Edu looks to have boatloads of potential, and Robinson and Welsh are pretty decent. They may need some depth, but the style MoJo is playing up there leaves little room for creative attackers in central midfield. They want to get all British and dump the ball up the wings to get crossed onto heads in the box.

QJA said...

It was my impression that Gerba was a right winger, and if he wasn't, then he sure played like he was.

Your second point about Johnston's style of crosses onto heads may be true, but I highly doubt that Gerba would be anything but a positive addition to the team. I found him to be very impressive (or the US defense very depressive in such a way that it reflected well on Gerba) in the one game I saw, and as far as opinions go, one glimpse is all you need. ;-)