Friday, June 29, 2007

DCU to Trade Erpen for Vanney

You know, I was going to get some sleep and then Goff comes up with this gem:

DCU is going to trade young Erpen for old Vanney.

As big as Erpen's salary is, Vanney's is bigger, so trading a 24 year-old all-star for a 34 year-old has-been seems stupid.

But here's the logic I'm drawing: with Jaime and Olsen gone, Gomez is our only veteran and he's not fulfilling his role as a team leader. Furthermore, with Boswell gone we have no guidance on defense. Vanney's purpose is to give the backfield some cohesiveness so the offense can find the creative dynamic Soehn intended them to have from the season's beginning. As of right now, everyone on the pitch is defending because the defense can't, and in that sense, Vanney is the piece to our puzzle.

I've heard someone toss up the theory of Gomez for Vanney instead of Erpen, and I would tend to agree because Gomez is completely uninspired this season and I still have great hope for Erpen's potential, but seeing as Emilio is still trying to find his magic touch and Kpene & Addlery are still evolving, removing Gomez from the picture would be a setback. We would feel Gomez' loss more acutely than Erpen's, I'm thinking.

Anyways, with Erpen's international slot freed up, Soehn and the Front Office can finally secure a DP who will, in theory, lead DCU through the playoffs and beyond. It's about time.

Vanney couldn't handle the wetness of the pitch tonight so he was flopping all over the place, but with his feet under him I think he could do us some good. I'm sorry to see Erpen go, but it's the smartest move DCU feels it can make at this point, and reluctantly I agree.

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Fullback said...

Erpen for Vanney is pretty much a wash, Gomez for Vanney would be insanity of the highest order.

The Vanney/Erpen trade is either one of two things. (1) DC doesn't think Erpen is going to improve any time soon and brought in an experienced, less risky, similarly slow center back as a temporary upgrade with the intent of upgrading in the off-season. (2) Something else is cooking. Either DC brings in another centerback and Vanney goes to left back to improve our service from the flanks, or they're looking at a 3-way trade with somebody else who wants Vanney but not Erpen.