Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aha, Well Now... News and Notes for 6/27

As usual, Goff comes up with the goods.

Apparently Casal did not make the Nigeria roster. I have no inside information on this other than the Good Word of Goff, but something tells me he got shafted. I think Casal is a great talent and I'm really disappointed he won't get the opportunity to prove it at the U-20 WC. I'm almost positive he would have made the U.S. U-20 roster. If Casal and his blinding, superhero-like speed couldn't crack the Nigeria U-20 roster, I'm thinking the Nigerians will be a side to take definite precautions about. (The Nigerians will be a side about which to take definite precautions? Dunno, can't tell. Grammar fails me.)

Also, in that same Goff update we learn that Gros has broken his wrist again, this time during the first half of the RSL game. It's amazing how many times this guy gets injured in places which don't impair his game (does the brain count?). But dammit to hell, Gros, stop hurting yourself.


By now you should know that DCU has released good ole John Wilson who hasn't yet seen a minute of first-team action this season. What you should be paying attention to, however, is the fact that DCU is apparently resigning Dominic Mediate.

I'll make myself clear: this is no good.

Dominic showed up really well the last time I saw him (live at RFK, forget against who, but it was a good match if I can recall) and the general consensus in the DCU blogosphere is that Mediate will be a positive addition to the squad. He's fast and is in the good habit of dribbling at defenders, looking for a shot. Great stuff.

What I don't like is that Moose has since stepped up and claimed that role in Mediate's injury absence-- the role promising young gringo with a good habit of going at defenders. I don't see why we need another, unless Mediate is showing more promise than Moose or Mediate has dramatically recouped his form and is more impressive than his first time around.

After Mupier, I was kind of hoping DCU, aka the Big Black Mistress, would save herself for someone bigger, someone stronger, with a great knack for dealing with young white kids who like to dribble at defenders. I want DCU to sign some quality defensive talent, maybe even a talented left back. The bright, ever-inquisitve minds over at Fullback Files have even come up with a suggestion: Venezuelan left back Jorge Rojas, currently on duty with his national side at the Copa. I'm all for this. What a great idea. Sign me up. Brilliant. I love it.

There'd probably be a hassle what with DCU's cap room and international slot situation. I'm never exactly clear what DCU's slot situation is at a given moment. But I think (without having the potential signing in question play for any amount of time at all) that Rojas is a defender in the mould that DCU is looking for. So why are we fooling around with Mediate?

In sum, it is my completely unjustified opinion that Mediate is not what the team needs: Rojas is.

And you can take that to the bank.


DaMarcus Beasley has made it official with Rangers. My jury's still out on this. I couldn't even judge if he'd be starting or not. I think I'll wait to judge until I can see for myself how this is playing out. If Rangers sign who they want to sign (namely Julien Faubert, which would be amazing) then this could be a very big opportunity for DaMarcus to plant his name in headlines with quality performances and international intrigue a la his Eindhoven days.

On a slightly different note, I think Celtic's signing of Massimo Donati from the Serie A is fantastic. Good for them. I would be more impressed if Rangers scored Faubert, though.

Finally, rumor has it that Danny Szetela is being targeted for a big Euro transfer after the U-20 WC, which is great for him because everyone and their mother is being targeted for a big Euro transfer after the U-20 WC and I wouldn't want Danny to feel left out.

But I'll be honest: I am very excited to see who jumps the pond after the tournament. There's some great American talent headed north right about now and I would love to infest the world with it, no joke.


I'll be watching the Brazil-Mexico game tonight, so I'll probably bbl.

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