Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Johann Smith is Being Notcied (Barely)

Soccerlens mentioned him as one of Bolton Wanderers three best young prospects. I would love to see someone come up with a list for MLS, if they felt like taking a crack. Between Arguez & Casal, I think DCU would be very well represented. I've also heard good things about NYRB youth.


Fullback said...

Well, if you're just going on the 28-man rosters, Casal and Arguez are the only ones not old enough to drink now that Willis is gone. So not only are they our best young prospects, they're the only ones ;-)

I don't think you can count the Metrobulls youth team until MLS guarantees clubs an option on players raised in the youth team so they don't go into the draft. Have they done that yet? I seem to recall some buzz about it, but until it's a reality, youth team members are prospects for all of MLS.

QJA said...

You know what? MLS has done that. For once the league shows some foresight. I seem to recall from a couple of Ives' articles (not the blog) that MLS had given individual clubs the individual rights to players in their youth squads. I'll prove it to you in a bit.