Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gringos Lose, Fulfill Everyone's Expectations: ARG 4-1 US

Anyone shocked? No? Good.

EJ converted the penalty early on and I was thinking that if US could even salvage a draw, everyone would be surprised. But then I also thought that Argentina would bring the heat, and they did. So, to recap:

Things got interesting for a time. Argentina scored thirty seconds later. Then everything went back to normal.

For some real analysis, Ives' running commentaries are good reading even as post-game leftovers. Otherwise, here's the hard stuff.

I was waiting for Davies or Nguyen to get out there and give me something to enjoy, but "Horse shit!" said Bob Bradley and gallantly out went Gaven and Beckerman. Thanks, Bob. I'm thrilled.

Feilhaber was the only gringo who remotely stood out (surprised?) and Wynne and Bornstein looked completely out of their league. Everyone, Feilhaber included, looked entirely too slow: receive the ball, look up, think, touch, look up, think, touch. There need to be quicker decisions, or, even better, some good reflexes based on group dynamic. The train of thought, "If I receive the ball here, then I know EJ will be making his run, so I pass there," needs to be reduced to, "I pass there." And EJ needs to run.

Along the same idea, our flow stuttered throughout the match. It's like everybody was looking for everybody else but no one found anyone. Wtf? Let's work on that a bit.

Other notes:

- Nice hairdo, Crespo. I can't recognize you though.

- I'd say that Crespo, Messi, and Tevez terrorized our back line but that was painfully obvious, and I'd hate to leave the other dozen Argentine players from the list of people who completely outclassed the United States tonight.

- Argentina has flawless transition from defense to offense. Their ability to play as a team is consistently awesome.

- Is anyone tired if the U.S. scoring on penalties? Actually, during the DCU game ESPN conducted a phone interview with Landon Donovan and apparently he's pretty sick of them, too. I'd think that he would want to break Wynalda's record in style, so I'd think Beasley will be the next one to step up to the penalty spot, should the opporutnity arise. Won't happen during the Copa, though.

- Off topic: I already miss the Univision lead commentator and the liberties he takes with players' names. Namely I'm thinking back to yesterday when he made Vagner Love sound like an adult film star. XD

I'm wicked tired. Sweet dreams por todos. G'night.

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D said...

Despite the scoreline, I thought DeMerit showed well.