Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Veron: "not rite now l8r tho ttyl! lol"

Yeah, I thought so: Veron has chosen to stay in Argentina with his beloved Estudiantes, saying, "Today my answer is no. But in a few months, maybe in December, who knows?"

I figured as much. Veron's considering the Apertura just as we're considering the playoffs and it looks like he's chosen country over club. Perfectly honorable decision. I'm sure if he left to DCU right this minute he would face heavy criticism at home for selling out, and I'd rather not set a player up for that kind of talk.

Despite the rejection, I'm thrilled about the offer. The management was willing to splash $15mil for our potential DP; that's a fair sight better than the $4-6mil I projected earlier. It's not Beckham money, but it's better than Angel money.

I hope Veron realizes, though, that he's much more valuable to DCU right this very minute and not a few months from now. He'll have to continue to prove he's worth $15mil and DCU's only DP slot. He's an outstanding player and I'd love to see him on the team, but he wants us to wait; meanwhile, he's not getting any younger and quicker. I have a feeling that Soehn & Co. want a quick fix to help us with the playoffs, and if Veron isn't the answer, we'll have to find someone who is.

I'm fine with our midfield. I really am. There are definite flaws, but they're a capable and talented group, the lot of them. Problem is, without Jaime up front, Fred has no one to serve no, Gomez is lost and afraid, and Emilio has no one to work off of. I think a forward equal or greater to Jaime's stature would focus the offense and allow everyone to settle into their proper roles, Carroll, Gros, and Simms included. So let's get us another forward.

Here's my bid: Alvaro Recoba. He's been out of favor at Inter and has announced that after this season, he'll be looking elsewhere, primarily for first-team football. He's older than thirty but younger than Veron; at 31 years of age I'd say he's a prime target for MLS. He's certainly capable of the kind of magic that JPA and Guillermo Schelotto have exhibited. I'd say Recoba would be $15 million well spent if we could sign him in time for the playoffs.

Payne, don't unpack. You've got some serious wine-and-dining to do.


Fullback said...

Say it with me now...
Defense, defense, DEFENSE!!!

Recoba is quality, but he's not the key to a championship in my eyes. We need to sort out the defense first.

QJA said...

See my thoughts about that here: