Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Pitch Sneezed: DCU 1-1 Morelia

I'm late on this one so there are plenty of recaps out already. DCenters, BDR, QuarterVolley, Fullback Files, and An American's View all have good stuff.

This game made me realize that we need depth up top more than we need it at back. Gros, McTavish, and espeically Burch showed very well considering how long they've been playing those positions. (You can't blame them at all for Morelia's lone goal, nor could you blame Troy; that strike was brilliant.) McTavish is constantly proving that defenders can have a bit of flair with their feet and Burch is consistenly showing that Vanney isn't the only left-footed defender who can serve a ball. Gros is a workhorse as ever.

But can the same be said for Dyachenko and Addlery? I haven't seen Addlery challenge a keeper with his feet yet this season and I'm utterly confused as to Dyachenko's role on the field as yet. Other than Dyachenko's service-gone-awry, I really didn't see anything from the twain which justified their presence on the pitch.

Here's what I'm saying: McTavish and Burch are really stepping up and performing well while Dyachenko and Addlery are still fumbling for form. Once Jaime sits down, Emilio seems lonesome, no matter who's on the pitch. I don't know which players are in Soehn's transfer scope right now, but I can only hope that they would have more to offer than Dyachenko and Addlery.

Kpene, you'll have a lot to disprove once you're healthy. Let's hope you exceed expectations once you step onto the pitch.
Other notes:

- Gomez scored a gem for DCU to take the lead. Why did he regress back to typical 2007 form immediately afterwards?

- Fred and Olsen looked exhausted. Emilio looked tired, too, but he always looked like he could pull out that last ounce of hustle to put one away. His presence on the pitch was somehow reassuring.

- I want to know exactly what Soehn thinks of this match.

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