Sunday, July 22, 2007

Injured Terry Scores Again: Chelsea FC 1-0 LAG

Florent Malouda took a corner kick, Galaxy cleared it poorly, Joe Cole slaps one into the box, the ball smacks Kalou's knee right at Terry's feet and he snaps one lefty onto the far post. Joe Cannon never stood a chance.

Other notes:

- Beckham's made his debut. Can things start dying down now?

- Florent Malouda brings a whole different dynamic than Arjen Robben. No more the fancy dribbling onto a defender's foot, no more the sprawling and complaining. I was seeing a lot of creative service from the left side (Malouda, Ben-Haim) and a lot of hopeful shots from the right side (Joe Cole)

- Who still wants to let Andriy Shevchenko go? Keep that guy around, he's class. We've already spent the money-- now let's let him play for what he's worth.

- I'm surprised Drogba didn't get on the scoreline -- should've, except for the offsides call.

- Ben-Haim wears his uniform like it's 1995. Untuck your jersey and pull your shorts down a bit, son.

And just in case you missed it, Bryant Gumbel's won himself some admirers for being spot on about American-brand soccer:

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