Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'll Say It Again: Alvaro Recoba for United's DP

Goff had an interesting sitdown with Kevin Payne and was very pointed about getting some answers about DC United's transfer interests. Without saying anything specific, Payne indicated that his visit to Argentina concerned sealing the Veron deal (which didn't happen) and scouting two young Argentinean talents for DCU's reserves (which may or may not happen).

Here's the meat of Goff's interview with Payne:

"Let's just say we certainly have an interest in making our team better and we think the advent of the designated player rule is a new tool for all of us. We really admire what the Galaxy has done and the chance they took with Beckham. It seems to be paying off for everybody. AEG has really stepped up and taken our league to a new level. From our point of view, we would like to find a player who has significant name recognition, who fits the culture of our team (winning championships) and is Latin. Our team has always had a Latin flavor and we think that is the direction we will continue to go in. Veron certainly fits that profile. He's been a great, great player, one of the best players in the world for a long time and still has a lot in the tank. So he would certainly be a guy on our radar screen, but we've looked at other players as well."

So let me get this straight: D.C. United is looking for a talented Latin player with significant name recognition. Veron fits this profile. Leo Messi fits this profile. Juan Roman Riquelme fits this profile. Ronaldinho fits this profile. Robinho, Anderson, and Carlos Tevez fit this profile. And though he may not have as much name recognition as the others, you know who else fits the profile?

Alvaro Recoba.

You know, the one-time Latino prodigy from Inter Milan? The one on his way out? The one who's headed back to Uruguay looking for first-team minutes? The striker of a calibre that DC sorely, sorely needs? The striker who DC could easily persuade Stateside for $15mil or less? I've already posted about why signing good attacking talent is better than signing good defensive talent and why a striker would be a better use of our DP slot than a d-mid or defender. Alvaro Recoba meets these criteria.

Kevin Payne is looking to emulate LAG's Beckham signing with a Latino one of our own, and while I don't think Recoba will melt panties like Beckham, I do think that his performance on the pitch will more than make up for it.

Alvaro Recoba for DP.

EDIT: People are touting J.R. Riquelme, currently of Boca Juniors, as the ideal candidate for the designated player slot. I agree. However, the reason I'm pushing for Recoba over Riquelme is a) because Recoba is known to be looking for other options, b) because Recoba would probably come cheaper, and c) because Recoba is a striker, which is what we really need right now. If we entered into talks with both Riquelme and Recoba, I'd pick Riquelme in a heartbeat, but I just think Recoba is the more likely signing and one that could help us win the playoffs this year as opposed to next. And for the record, if the same situation occurred between Riquelme and Veron, I'd still take Riquelme without hesitation. He's unreal. (Which is why I think Recoba is a more likely signing.)

[UPDATE: You know what else would be sick, though absolutely unlikely? Ronaldo for DC's DP! Equally sick and equally unlikely? Shevchenko for DC's DP! But for pure realism, Recoba is more likely than either of them.]

[FURTHER UPDATE: Well, I guess it's not just tribalfootball anymore: AS is reporting the same story about Ronaldo. Why is it that when it says MLS is inquiring, everyone assumes NYRB are behind it? DCU needs to get on top of this, dammit!]


Fullback said...

You know which other former Inter player might be even more likely given our lack of wide midfielders?

Kily González.

I'd say anybody with over 50 caps for Argentina has a bit of name recognition, wouldn't you? As a bonus, he gives us a player in a position we have no depth at and he'd probably come cheap.

If you bring in Recoba, who sits? Moreno, Emiligol?

QJA said...

Oooooh. Speculation lights my fire.

Recoba is slightly younger and slightly better than even Moreno. Given exactly how much Moreno's been playing lately, I'd put Recoba in for him.

Blasphemy? Yes. Moreno is fairly sacred. But wouldn't you rather worship silverware?

Anonymous said...

Recoba and any Uruguayan Player you can think of, will never play in the MLS. Paco Casal (Uruguayan Super-Agent) owns 50% of the players he has signed under contract. No team wants to buy 50% of a player.