Tuesday, July 24, 2007

US MNT Depth Chart: 7/24 Update

This is gonna become a regular thing, now that the Gold Cup, U-20 WC, and Copa America are finished. I'll keep tabs on our past, current, and future potential Gringos as they prepare for Confederations Cup and ultimately, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Are you reading Yanks Abroad? You should be. They're probably the most authoritative US soccer news source that's not in print. The same guys who run this site also run the American Soccer Daily. They really know their stuff.

Which is why I always read their "23 Bags" updates. Outside of Ives getting bored and posting his own preferences, these are the most comprehensive, informed lists of US national team depth. They've published this one well ahead of time as we don't have our international friendly in South Africa for several months, and 2010 is a few years away. Nonetheless, the article is a great assessment of the US MNT roster post-Gold Cup/Copa. I disagree that they rank Johnson higher than Ching, and that they'd still take Keller over Guzan. (Comparing Keller to Dino Zoff is just stupid.) But they're spot on about Freddy and Altidore, so at least the rest of the article's good.

(That was a relatively shameless pitch, wasn't it? Well then, let me say this: Yanks Abroad is a bunch of old ninnies who don't know a thing about decent soccer. Neener neener.)


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