Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Record-Setting Loss: DCU 3-3 FC Dallas

This was a loss in all but points. I know what the scoreline reads, but any time a team concedes three goals over the course of forty minutes, it's a loss. (And record setting? This was the biggest comeback in FC Dallas history.)

After singing his praises, Perkins let us down. His form not only regressed from last week, but it regressed over the course of those ninety minutes. He gifted FC Dallas their first and third goals. The second goal I can forgive (more the defense's responsibility, really), but misjudging those kinds of crosses is a flaw you resolve while you're still in puberty. Those kinds of mistakes are popular in high school leagues and amateur matches. Really, really, really should have had better judgement, our Troy.

Soehn is disappointed with the defense as a whole. (Shoutout to Dave Lifton over at Screaming Eagles for his podcasts, BTW. Absolute gems, those podcasts.)

Soehn said, "We're actually an experienced team. We shouldn't play like that. We played like young kids... Organizationally we weren't good enough." I agree. Boswell and Vanney played a respectable game versus Houston, but there are still some communication problems which need immediate attention.

"We let in three goals," said Tommy. "Any time you let in three goals, there's work to do."

BDR is furious with Bobby Boswell in particular. I would tend to agree. (Oops, pardon: BDR is furious with the coaching staff that Boswell wasn't traded. I feel that the choice of whether to trade Erpen or Boswell was a crapshoot; it's almost impossible to have any foresight with those two. Let's hope Boswell rewards us for his benefit of the doubt.)

Lastly, about DCU's loss:

OMG, was our offense a relief. Our starters, I mean. And really only during the first half.

But honestly, Jaime seemed to bring our offense back from the brink, Emilio was red hot, and Fred (Fred! Not Gomez!) was connecting with Jaime using some kind of telepathic tandem that thrilled me. Olsen got involved, too; and any time Olsen becomes a productive member of DCU's offense is an indication that our offense is capable of doing well.

I'd say that the biggest tragedy of this game, even bigger than the scoreline, is Jaime's injury. He's really an invaluable part of the squad. Let's he gets well, and soon.

Other notes:

- Soehn, you've got a real decision on your hands, don't you? DP slot = improvement at left back, improvement at center back, a holding midfielder with attacking qualities, Jaime's successor, or Gomito's successor? Take your pick; you'll be needing to address them all very soon.


bdr said...

I'm actually more furious at the decision makers who over-value Boswell than at Boswell himself.

He is who he is: it isn't Boswell's fault DCU's management traded the wrong defender.

QJA said...

Wasn't it just last year everyone was touting Boswell as the Comeback Kid, the guy who scored a league-record amount of own goals and then won Rookie of the Year?

Where the hell is that guy?