Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Marks for Ousted U-20's

Tim Froh, special contributor to Climbing the Ladder, offers reserved praise to the U-20's recently bumped from the World Youth Cup in Canada this month.

I like what he said about Rongen. Froh makes the point that Rongen has faults (namely his mid-game strategizing, or lack thereof) and definitely made mistakes this tournament, but that he is a coach the players genuinely like and who likes them, and that he has a sharp eye for talent. It's not like I don't want him as our U-20 head coach; I just wish the man was smarter about using his bench and more conscious about the status of his starting squad. Otherwise I think the team had a stellar run and really can't be criticised for underperforming.

I also agree that the US U-20's exhibited some of the most outstanding attacking football US soccer has seen in recent times. But I've already said enough about that.



What does it say about the MLS All-Star game if I'd rather beat this horse to death than discuss Nicol's lineup? This year I'm just not that hyped for it. Neither is DCenters, who go the extra mile and present several sound reasons why people just don't care this time around. Good stuff.

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