Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chelsea To Play 'Creatively' In The Coming Season

I've just been informed that Mourinho is going to flout the critics this coming season by playing some creative football. The evidence to qualify his words? Check out this truthiness:

Club America 1 - 2 Chelsea - SSN
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Malouda notches a goal and an assist in his first match wearing blue.

I'll chalk this up to his skill as an individual, but what really stood out to me, watching those goals, was some excellent team chemistry. And that's why the rest of the Premiership still regards Chelsea as the team to beat in spite of their pointed lack of summer spending. For a player such as Malouda to come into a team and gel so quickly is nothing short of transfer genius from Jose Mourinho. I'll say this: when world-class stars convene on a pitch, it is not always an attractive thing; what makes or breaks the team is how they cooperate. And it would appear that Chelsea FC is cooperating supremely well.

(And let me just say, it really does me some good to see Chelsea celebrating as a team, as a whole team, Malouda included. CFC is a real, total, complete goddam team and I love it. Well, that, and it's just damn funny to see John Terry try something remotely like samba.)

Mourinho's promised that he wants to play some creative (read: attractive) football in the coming season. And, get this, he's issued it as a warning to Michael Ballack. Apparently the style of football Mourinho wants to play, and specifically the formation he wants to play it with, doesn't suit Ballack's imposing physicality and technical prowess.


But really, with world-class wingers like Florent Malouda and Joe Cole and Solomon Kalou, playing a style of play which favors the wings makes plenty of sense.

Can't wait to see it once the season starts.

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