Friday, July 20, 2007

Aha, Well Now... News and Notes for 7/20

The MLS has suspended Ben Olsen for the game @ RBNY by virtue of too many yellow cards, even though Benny's only got four. No one knows the real reasons behind Benny's suspension and if Goff knows, he's not telling.

Eddie Johnson still might be headed to the Premier League. Rumors have revived because Darby gaffer Billy Davies has suddenly become outspoken with his praise for the American international. This is good: if John Terry and Javier Mascherano can't pound goals out of this kid, I don't know who can.

MLS wants $7.5mil for Adu. Someone's going to pony that up by August 15th. I'd be willing to bet on it. On the other hand, Adu playing at Benfica would be sick. I hope MLS is flexible.

Rangers are close to signing Steven Naismith. This is great news for insta-hit DaMarcus Beasley. Rangers are composing themselves for a great campaign in the 2k8 Champs League, a frontier that Celtic have been pursuing for the past couple years with moderate success. Something exciting is abrew at the Ibrox this season.


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