Thursday, August 2, 2007

SYN and SuperLiga 2k7

Disappointed with my coverage of the SuperLiga so far? Yeah, I am too. I've been busy on all three matches United has played so far, something I'd call a bit of bum luck.

But mark my words: August 14th there will be a SYN representative in front of a TV watching United beat LAG to move on to the finals. F*** yeah!

I did happen to catch a bit of TiVo'ed United-Dynamo action last night. My thoughts:

- We couldn't string more than three passes together to work it upfield. Then again, someone changed channels right when Moreno was coming on.

- Gomez looked great.

- I'm glad someone realized Dyachenko wasn't doing much. He was exchanged for Kpene around the 35th minute, a move I'd normally praise. Thing is, Kpene was moving around like he was still injured or still afraid of being injured. Whether this continued once Moreno hopped on is a mystery to me.

- Bobby Boswell was the weakest link in our defense. Burch, however, continued to show well. McTavish has a knack for stupendous blocks in clutch situations.


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