Thursday, August 2, 2007

BDR's Post-Dynamo Analysis

Check it out. BDR's analysis concerning Soehn and Nowak are spot on.

I am of the opinion that this season was always going to be transitional, Soehn bringing in simultaneously the future stars (Fred, Emilio) and the seasonal gap-fillers (Kpene, Addlery). I think that if Soehn can push the team into a taste of silver with the SuperLiga, or at least a goal-scoring appearance at the final, the team's mediocre league performance will be somewhat counterbalanced and he'll be given the go-ahead to continue next season, where he will make more transfers that suit his system and release more of the players that were the cogs of Nowak's.

Speaking of Nowak's cogs, am I the only one that thinks Boswell is on his way out??

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