Monday, August 27, 2007

MLS Goal of the Week 08/27

Ah, this, my hundredth post. I think I will make it something light and frivolous.

This week's Sierra Mist GotW competition is dominated by awesome assists. Blanco's long distance assist for Barrett, Johnson's acrobatic backheel for Burciaga Jr., and Schelotto's hoodoo feint in the box for Moreno's finish are three of the best assists you'll see all season. Only Jaime, with his penalty to take the MLS record, and arguably Altidore, with his cool finish by the outside of his right boot, caption goals produced by individual effort.

I think I voted for Alejandro Moreno's goal because Schelotto's juke in the box was neat. I might have voted for Burciaga because any time a defender wins GotW is a good time (Erpen, where's the repeat?) and I honestly could have voted for Blanco not only for his footballing skill, but because in spite of his badass reputation, he's a class act and a treasure for Chi-Town fans. I didn't vote for Jaime out of respect that he didn't want to take the record off a penalty. I expect him to score a better goal soon.

Anyways, just wanted to point this out.

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