Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Szetela -- Future Yank Abroad?

In the midst of the US' dismal performance vs. Korea, young U-20 national Danny Szetela is enjoying attention from quite a few international clubs -- Parma, Galatasaray, and Rangers among them, says Ives.

While I think Parma would help develop Szetela's raw talent into priceless techinical skill, I would love Rangers to sign the kid.

I'm really building a healthy respect for my favorite team in Glasgow, as they obviously have a healthy respect for American footballing talent. And you know what? With Beattie gone and Naka walking out the door over at Celtic, Rangers could be on the verge of a rennaisance in Scotland this year. If they don't, I'll chalk it up to those slave-trading bastards over at Bordeaux, who apparently gave Faubert an ultimatum of playing for West Ham or not playing at all. Faubert will be playing for West Ham in the fall. Score one for Eggert Magnusson's money.

Rangers' new transfer target? Alan Smith.

(Actually, I'm going back and thinking about it: Galatasaray? Goddamn, how would Szetela handle the rivalry pressure? I'm scared already.)

Update: Szetela has shaved his mohawk. This is unfortunate; Rangers were counting on his hairstyle for inspiration and entertainment, as was I. Way to drop the ball, Szetela.

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