Saturday, June 23, 2007

RSL Lineup Fun

Goff reports that I was somewhat correct:

"...the lineup is Namoff, Erpen, Boswell, Gros, Fred, Olsen, Carroll, Gomez, Dyachenko and Emilio."




Gros-------The Boz-----Erpen------Namoff----

---------------Jay Nolly (!)---------------------

And yup, seems like Jay Nolly is having a crack at the First XI. Mark Simpson says that considering United's schedule and the fact that Nolly has come a long way since the preseason, now seemed a good time to get him some minutes. I'm assuming the same for Dyachenko: Addlery impressed me during his time up front, and Kpene even more so, so it strikes me odd that Soehn & Co. want to try Dyachenko up front again. But I suppose we have to find out whether he semi-decent performance as a forward last game was a fluke or not. Good luck to Nolly and 'Chenko.

And I was mistaken that Boswell and Olsen were going to be absent tonight. They'll join the national side soon.

Looks like a slam dunk for DCU. Let's hope they don't prove me wrong...

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