Friday, June 22, 2007

Argentina Hasn't Won Anything in 15 Years

And thus Argentina's roster for the Copa America is simply frightening. So is ours, if rumors are to be believed. Ives commenter:

Some commenter over at Deadspin posted this. Can't vouch for accuracy, obvs...
The Copa America roster for the U.S. was released today.

gk: keller, guzan

d: bornstein, boswell, califf, conrad, demerit, drew mooor, heath pearce, marvell wynne

m: kyle beckerman, rico clark, feilhaber, eddie gaven, sacha kljestan, justin mapp, lee nguyen, ben olsen

f: charlie davies, gomez, johnson, twellman

We're going to get slaughtered.

Goff corroborates, about Olsen and Boswell at least. Yikes.

Here's the thing: this game has potential. If we manage a draw or better, we have license to party like we never did during WC. If we lose, we fulfill everyone's expectations. Argentina's exciting to watch anyways. I won't be hiding in fear.

Little more on Hejduk: Jen Chang over at ESPN has some choice words for Hejduk's performance as well, and some interesting speculation as to Hejduk's successor v. Mexico. I'll agree that Hejduk's physicality would have troubled Guardado, but I am 90% positive Hejduk would have tripped over the ball in some way that would have proven disastrous for the US. Spector could do no worse, and I'm sure Simek could do better.

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