Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Halftime Thoughts

Post-game recap later. Couple thoughts beforehand:

1) According to critics, Dax McCarty had a better-than-average game last night v. Cuba. I would tend to agree. I hesitate to applaud, however, because he still looks raw to me. He has more stamina than anyone else on the pitch and enough pace to stem a budding attack and get the job done, but his field awareness and defensive tactics leave much to be desired. Dax ran touchline to touchline harassing the Cuban wingers, but he was infringing on his teammates marks and generally pulling the midfield out of shape. I want to see more composure and pitch intelligence from the lad before I sing his praises.

2) Avram Grant should be fired. Chelsea is coming apart at the seems. As my primary piece of evidence I call to the stand one Mr. John Terry, who has seen more than his fair share of press exposure recently. It seems like every other day now he's in the press with some quotes about team chemistry and the squad's relationship with the management, defending the players and lashing out at critics. Some might say that he is merely fulfilling his role as captain, and I can hardly argue with that, but the fact is that Terry feels the need to step into that kind of role and to singlehandedly keep the team aright. John Terry will never beg for anything, and damn right he shouldn't-- so I'll do it for him. For the love of Wayne, someone fire Grant. With Mourinho at the helm, the only things Terry needed to concern himself with were the organization of his defense and what the hell he was going to do after the game. Now he's bearing the weight of the entire squad on his shoulders and it breaks my heart. Let's have a real manager back again. I'd even let Rijkaard have a crack if he were so willing.

See you in 45.

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